Anti-Ageing Elixir Wrinkle Perfection

Anti wrinkles - Mature skins

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Formulated with grape seed OPC to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles

More than just a beauty serum, this elixir is a genuine anti-ageing asset made with Champagne and vine-derived active ingredients. Specially formulated for day and night use, this elixir combats the process that causes the oxidation of skin cells and the hardening of skin tissue.
GSPT: is an active ingredient consisting of procyanidolic grape seed extract and vitamin E. Resveratrol, a particularly powerful antioxidant, helps skin retain its youthfulness and firmness. It is composed of golden microspheres that are infused with a blend of vitamin E ingredients, vitamin E also being known to provide valuable support in the rejuvenation process.
By nourishing skin and improving renewal of new skin's cells, our anti-ageing elixir helps you maintain a fresh, youthful complexion and supple skin.


30ml - Paraben free

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