Global Solutions " In & Out "

Because health and beauty are instrinsically linked, Phyderma has created programmes that stimulate your well-being to reveal the beauty
and youthfulness
of your skin. When used together, food supplements and beauty treatments act in synergy on the upper and lower layers
of the epidermis. By their overall « In & Out » action, these solutions take care of your body on the inside for visible results on the outside.

   Recommended as programmes and taken orally, food supplements
   or nutraceuticals
- are characterised by their overall action on the body
   and face.
   As opposed to the local action of a beauty treatment, the active ingredients
   in food supplements are spread trough the body via the blood, thus
   encouraging cellular renewal of all tissues (skin, hair and nails).

  Thanks to their ability to transport a strong concentration of active ingre-
  dients, these complexes respond naturally to targeted needs (tonicity or
  hydratation) or event specific issues (slimming programme, extreme
  tiredness, chronic stress) with a prolonged effect on the body.

  To optimise the effectiveness of this synergy between beauty rituals and
  food supplements
, opt for a balanced lifestyle and diet. As they are so
  closely adapted to all of your body’s needs, these attack for maintenance
  « In & Out » programmes will help you to effectiveky fight against all the
  factors and signs of external ageing.

Discover Global Solutions

    - Rich in natural carotenoids, carrot root neutralise the action of free
    radicals and improves the brightness of the skin. Concentrated in vitamin A,
    it prepares skin for the sun and facilitated tanning.

   - Acting effectively in the digestive system (stomach), acacia fibre partici-
   pates in reducing the feeling of hunger and accelerates the feeling of fullness,
   thus restricting calorie intake. In the intestine, it contributes to regulate
   intestinal transit
and fight constipation. It feeds the intestinal flora

   (the prebiotic effect) and facilitates its balance, essential today for health and

   - With its astringent virtues that restrict the secretions of sebum, wild pansy
   is the ideal beauty elixir for greasy skins. Its purifying and astringent actions
   enable the toxins responsible for the appearance of spots to be eliminated.

   - Highly rich in antioxidants and OPC (Oligameric Proanthocyanidin Complex)
   grape extract helps heal wounds and participates in the improvement of
   blood circulation.

The emerging and innovative « In & Out » synergy of nutri-cosmetics and
nutri-cosmeceuticals is based on the fundamental principals of chrono-
biology associated with the benefits of nutrients.

Absorbed according to the nature and needs of the skin at different
moments of the day, nutrients boost the microcirculation of the blood.
Developed in strict respect of cellular nutrition, their effectiveness and
the visibility of the results perform better and better.