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In&Out by phyderma

Phyderma, beauty expert of In&Out solution

Beauty also comes from within… Phyderma has thus created and developed a comprehensive range of “In&Out” solutions that coordinate cosmetic products (such as gels, creams, masks and serums) with food supplements. These solutions target specific areas of concern (for example, hydration, protection or anti-wrinkle) with a specific natural active ingredient.

The concept underpinning the “In&Out” range is a two-fold approach to providing your skin with the nutrients and agents that are essential to its beauty, acting both on the inside (In) and the outside (Out).

Cosmetics work in a localized manner at the site of application, offering what is called a “topical” action, penetrating into the upper layer of the epidermis to deliver their active ingredients and thus preserve the skin’s natural functions and ensure the best protection possible while being kind to nature.

Food supplements have a more overall effect on the face and body. They also enable delivery of high concentrations of active ingredients that are then transported throughout the body through the bloodstream. Food supplements can thus respond naturally to targeted concerns such as skin firmness and hydration or indeed provide support in combating negative factors resulting from, for example, dieting, severe fatigue or chronic stress.

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Phyderma, beauty expert of In&Out solution

For the first time, a range of global, comprehensive solutions, specifically developed for addressing your skin concerns and formulated using natural active ingredients with proven efficacy, is now available. .

Royalessence :
Brightens and revitalises dull skin.
Active Ingredient: Royal Jelly

Hyaluroderme :
Hydration and firmness.
Active Ingredient: Hyaluronic acid

Caviar Time Collection :
Powerful anti-wrinkle products for all skin types.
Active Ingredient: Caviar

Esprit d’Orient :
Nutrition and protection for dry skin.
Active Ingredient: Argan oil

Cellulimine :
Helps combat the orange peel appearance of skin.
Active Ingredient: Caffeine

Circulation :
Reduces the ‘heavy leg’ feeling. Active Ingredient: Red vine.